Cryogenic technologies for fish/food/drug storage

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Cryogenic technologies for fish/food/drug storage

(A)  Title: Techno- Market Survey Report on Cryogenic Technologies with special reference to F Food/Fish/Drug and Milk Storage Specially in Rural and Small Town Environment.

(B)  Objective: TIFAC assigned us to have a detailed assessment of the Cryogenic Technology for the Captioned applications. The desired information was expected to become a base line source data for the following broad objectives.

i) As Technology Information which will be useful for forecasting and assessment.

ii) To meet the needs of decision makers in Government, Corporate Sector and Research & Development Institutions etc.

The research objectives for the assignment were outlined to cover following aspects.

i) The relationship and the importance of the selected subset of Cryogenic Technology to the broad area to which to it belongs.

ii) The current status of the Technology in the World and in the Country.

iii) Assessment of the Technology and the technology options available to India.;

iv) The economic aspects of the technologies alongwith their feasibilities which lead to preferred options.

v) Impact of the preferred option by itself, its linkages to the broad areas of Technology & spin-off’s.

vi) Identification of agencies/groups/individuals and suggest action plan.

(C)  Scope:

As the Cryogenic Technology has multi disciplinary applications, the scope of this study was specifically refined to make an in-depth study with reference to following aspects.

Food and Drug storage
Milk and Fish storage.

The scope was further refined to cover applications in rural and small town environment.