Cryogenic technologies for fish/food/drug storage

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(H)  Action Plan:

The action plan has been phased as follows.

i) Short listing of research objectives and Institution from the approach suggested in the report.

ii) Collection of detailed research proposals from Institutions and their appraisal.

iii) Research projects execution and review of results obtained.

iv) Demonstration of research accomplishments for users and user agencies.

v) Planning of manufacture, installation of pilot projects.

vi) Reassessing the performance of units and then laying overall policy for promotion and development of this technology application on long term basis.

The above phases can be accomplished I 2 to 3 years and the overall capital outlay around Rs. 5.00 crores may be needed.

Such expenditure on the part of the government will help in catalyzing adoption of the technology for wide applications. Just 2 % reduction in drip loss for the marine product experts would mean annual increase in foreign exchange earnings by Rs. 21.60 Crore also increasing higher revenue per kg of marine products in the export market.

(I) Presentation of the Techno-Market Survey Report:

The entire work has been presented in the text of the report.,

i) The databank on addresses of concerns in the manufacture of equipment, list of research institutions, bibliography, list of persons interviewed has been appended to the main report.

ii) About 24 slides showing photographs of current status of the technology in the world have been submitted.

iii) Couple of audio cassettes have been submitted which have recordings of few interviews as well part proceedings of focus group discussion.

iv) Two video cassettes have been submitted. These are prepared by IOL Ltd. Which have some coverage showing manufacture and use of liquid nitrogen for food freezing.