Technologies for disposal of thermal power station flyash

Code No: TMS017 Price: 700 Category: Energy: By-products


Summary  : The quantity of fly ash that continues to be generated and the need and implications of its disposal and the status of its utilisation in India and abroad are brought out in the report.
The variation in physical characteristics and chemical composition of fly ash because of the coal quality from various thermal stations is tabulated. Products which could be made of fly ash profitably is shortlisted.
The processes for their manufacture and details of selected projects in the category of low, medium and high value added products with the economic aspects are provided.
Details of indigenously developed products using fly ash are also similarly provided. Agencies, groups and individuals are identified for implementing the suggestion plan of action for full utilisation of fly ash.

Table Of Contents :

  • Introduction
  • Generation and handling of fly ash at Thermal power station
  • fly ash characteristics
  • applications of fly ash: an overview
  • low value added utilisation of fly ash
  • medium value added utilisation
  • high value added utilisation of fly ash
  • world trends – assessment of options
  • observations and recommendations

The report has 26 technical tables which include quality of coal from different collieries, analysis of fly ash from various thermal power stations, comparison of properties of fly ash from different sources, specification of some of the value added products income from minerals extraction etc.



Online Executive Summary of the report will be available soon