Low cost housing

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Summary  : The scope of the study covers national perspectives on housing for economically weaker sections of the society, defining the problems and efforts that should be made for solving the existing housing technologies. The slum population in India has been estimated. Kanpur slums are taken as case study. The housing problems in Kanpur and the characteristics of slums are discussed with respect of congestion, water supply, sewerage, drainage and garbage collection and construction materials. The measures taken for slum clearance both in Kanpur and other metropolitan cities are analysed and the reason for some measures of sources in slum clearance is identified in the report. Requirement for the technology for low cost housing are given. Housing constructed with locally available materials with techniques for improvement in traditional and mud and thatch houses are given. The various uses from agricultural residues, mining wastes as alternate materials for construction are given. Requirements for reducing the cost of utility and services and some aspects on the implementation plan are given to us.


Table Of Contents :

  • Introduction
  • Methodology and approach
  • national perspective
  • case study of Kanpur
  • efforts to improve slums
  • technology options for low cost housing
  • settlement planning for low income housing
  • aspects of implementation
  • urban projects for slum: procedure for design and project proposal
  • conclusion and recommendation & plan of action


Online Executive Summary of the report will be available soon