Technology for sugar industry

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Summary  : The status of the production technologies of sugarcane and that of sugar is assessed statewise.
The production and quality as given by the sugar contents of sugarcane and its byproducts are documented.
The technologies used in the various stages of production in the extraction of juice, evaporation, concentration of the juice, options for improvement towards increasing the efficiency and reducing the cost of sugar as well as options to increase yield and utilisations of bagasse are identified. The requriements of unorganised sectors and their impact on sugar production are analysed.
The deficiences of the techniques used in the unorganised sectors in various stages of processing are pointed out. Problems both managerial and technical which require further investigation like availability of cane to sugar factory, deptithing of bagasse etc. are identified.

Table Of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Need for technology upgradation of sugar industry
  • technology options available and their likely impact on net yield of sugar and bagasse
  • Technical status and pilot plant results of promising option
  • promising technological options: user’s reactions
  • Problems which require further investigation
  • Actions necessary for induction of promising technology in organised sector