Result of Interview held on 28.09.2022 at TIFAC for engagement of Senior Project Associate


1. Shri Ankush Dwivedi - Selected

2. Shri Bipin Pravik M - Waitlisted


In order merit:

  1. Sh. Anuj Kishore Saxena
  2. Ms. Parvathi Menon
  3. Sh. Abhishek Parmar
  4. Ms. Nandini Garg
  5. Ms. Jyotsana Singh

List of Applicants shortlisted for Interview  in TIFAC for the ‘Empanelment of Advocates’" on 9th February, 2022 can be accessed at Here



The last Date for submission of applications for Engagement of IT Scientist in PFC at TIFAC under Women Scientists Scheme (WOS-C) in hard copy or by email has been extended from 20th August, 2021 to 23rd August, 2021